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Alexandria City Public Schools Modular Classroom Additions

Addition and Renovation

To meet a system-wide capacity shortfall, Alexandria City Public Schools commissioned Maginniss + del Ninno Architects to develop a Master Plan for constructing classroom additions using permanent modular construction.

Six school sites were evaluated for a wide range of factors, including physical characteristics, existing program areas, and maximum feasible student capacity. At the same time, we investigated modular construction types and sources and designed a prototype modular classroom that can be combined in different configurations to be used at all sites. The prototype can also be configured for two-story applications.

During the technical development of the modular prototype classrooms, Maginniss + del Ninno Architects engaged the school administration and its curriculum development staff to explore the interior layout and integrate advanced instructional technologies. Also, the modular classrooms are designed to meet the City of Alexandria’s Eco-City program and incorporate the same strategies as LEED NC Certified construction.

Because the modular components are constructed off-site in a factory during the school year, additions using modular prefabrication can be completely implemented during summer months when schools are in recess, eliminating the need to disrupt school operations.


Alexandria, VA, USA

Alexandria City Public Schools

40,000 sqft.

LEED NC Certified

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