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Dezenhall Residence

Additions and Renovations

Writer's Studio

The writer sought a space that would remain visually connected to the other rooms in the residence while creating a simple, well-lighted, and defined environment for his passion for writing. The three areas within the space become the primary design elements inspired by the writer’s work style. A corner alcove, fitting for a full-size computer, along with the semi-circular desk is the primary writing station creating a compact “study carrel” environment. Created in the opposite corner, the smaller work area allows the writer to place a laptop. Furnished with a comfortable chair facing the new stainless steel and wood fireplace also surrounded with flanking bookshelves and cabinets, the third area provides a tranquil reading area. The new light maple flooring and tailored perimeter built-in natural wood mill-work complement the writer’s desire for simplicity and a sense of spaciousness.

Family Room

This modest size room open to the kitchen was an addition to the residence ten years earlier. The location of windows, the size, as well as the configuration of the room, facilitate a reading space, a space for entertaining family and friends, and enjoyment of television or music. A shallow rectangular “bay” extension with a series of small skylights spatially defines the reading alcove. The alcove, finished in natural paneling along with a built-in bookcase, is slightly angled in the direction of the main areas of the residence. On the opposite wall, a similarly angled natural wood cabinet stores media equipment, books, and personal memorabilia. The old windows facing the back yard are replaced with new units proportional to the renovated room space.


Bethesda, MD, USA

Private Residence

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