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Georgetown South Community Center

New Construction

This multi-use building combines an early head start program and a Community Center, including space for itinerant community services for the police, the library, a medical clinic, and a mobile health van. The 7,400 square foot building is organized with a central entrance and lobby that accesses the various functions within the building while permitting each functional area to be secured when not in use.

Several sustainable design strategies were implemented including an east/west building orientation, clear story daylighting in the Child Care section, specifying recycled materials, compartmentalizing the HVAC equipment, and optimizing the building envelope. A large overhang was provided on the south to shade the windows and provide a covered children’s play during inclement weather.

The building planning committee comprised the seven shareholders as well as city government members. To meet federal funding constraints, the project was designed, bid, and constructed in a total of 10 months.


Manassas, VA, USA

Northern Virginia Family Services

7,400 sqft.

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