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Lynbrook Elementary School

Additions and Renovations

Rising enrollment and program changes at Lynbrook Elementary School necessitated relocating the third and fourth grades into temporary classrooms.

Working closely with the Fairfax County Public Schools Project Coordinator and the principal of Lynbrook Elementary, Maginniss + del Ninno Architects devised a plan to strategically add classrooms and re-program space to alleviate the ameliorate these problems.

The 13,250 sqft. addition includes nine classrooms, two conference/workrooms, an itinerant classroom space, a music room, accessible toilets, and exterior storage. The design team also identified ways to re-assign space within the existing school to increase space efficiency and make room for Title 1 classrooms, special education classrooms for autistic children, and space for gifted student programs.

The project also afforded the opportunity to increase the on-site parking, create a new main electrical room, replace the existing chiller, relocate the incoming gas service, and renovate the existing toilets to improve accessibility.


Springfield, VA, USA

Fairfax County Public Schools

59,180 sqft.

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