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Spokes Etc. commissioned Maginniss + del Ninno Architects to completely remodel and expand their flagship store on Quaker Lane in Alexandria, VA. The design carefully opened interior views and weaved together three different retail spaces on three different levels to invite customers to experience, test, and compare a full line of bicycles, accessories, and clothing. Sustainable materials, such as bamboo and steel were used for the interior fixtures and mill-work, and new high-efficiency lighting was installed throughout the store.

Compared to a similar size office building meeting basic building code requirements, Spokes Etc. has a reduced energy consumption of 40%.

Based on the retail success of the Alexandria Store, Spokes leased an empty 7,000 square foot space in Fairfax City to create a new location using the Alexandria store as a prototype.  The leased freestanding retail building had been divided and modified many times over its 40-year history.

The exterior design features a perforated corrugated aluminum screen and an unobstructed glass window wall to unify the facade and create a strong retail identity. The exterior scheme was submitted to and approved by the Fairfax City Architectural Review Board.

The interior is organized at an angle to the facade to face the major intersection of Route 50 and Route 29. A display of more than 100 bicycles along the entire glass wall creates a colorful, vibrant, and changing pattern at the front of the building.


Alexandria, VA, USA

Spokes Etc.

7,000 sqft.

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