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Westmoreland Visitor's Center

New Construction

The project for the Visitor’s Center for Westmoreland Park comprises a new 5,000 square foot building, parking areas, and Improvements to the access road. The Center is positioned on a prominent site with expansive views of the Potomac River. Located in a historic park context, the building is designed to evoke the vernacular of the original cottages constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The building accommodates offices and support areas for the park staff, public toilets, and a multipurpose room for displays and interpretative events. The low-impact site development includes an on-site septic tank system, visitor parking, and bio-retention areas.

The Maginniss + del Ninno team was asked to develop a sustainable design in conformance with LEED Certification guidelines. The project, completed in 2011, exceeded the minimum Certification Level and was awarded LEED NC Gold Certification. The project was also designed in compliance with the Virginia CPSM. It was reviewed and approved by BCOM from the State Architectural Review Board.


Montross, VA, USA

Commonwealth of Virginia Parks and Recreation

5,000 sqft.

LEED NC Gold Certified

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