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Church of the Nativity Church Narthex

Additions and Renovations

Since its inception, the parish of the Church of the Nativity has grown significantly from 2,200 to 4,500 families. The school portion was built to serve the CCD (religious education) program but was later transformed to a full K-8 day school. This change of use left the school lacking in support spaces, such as a proper gymnasium, library, and classroom space for art, pre-school, and small group instruction. Also, with more than 60 organizations affiliated with the church, the parish complex could no longer provide enough meeting space for its active, growing community.

Experienced in assessing and planning multi-use religious and educational facilities, Maginniss + del Ninno Architects, worked closely with the parish design committee to develop a master plan to address the diverse needs of the school and parish community through strategic renovations and additions. The phased occupied construction includes a significant two-story classroom and multi-purpose parish hall addition featuring a gymnasium, a stage, and community space. Open play areas will be preserved and a new preschool playground area will be added. Work to the existing school building will include interior renovations, a new media center, and improved office space. There will also be significant interior renovations to the parish administrative area as well as the addition of much needed meeting spaces and a narthex gathering space.


Burke, VA, USA

Roman Catholic Diocese of Arlington

30,000 sqft.

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