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Lemon Road Elementary School

Additions and Renovations

Lemon Road Elementary was constructed in the 1950s to serve the low-density suburban Pimmit Hills neighborhood. Over the intervening years, denser residential development has pushed the original 280 student capacity to nearly 500 students.

Due to the heavy constraints presented by the site, Maginniss + del Ninno Architects developed schemes to add 8 classrooms, a resource room, toilets, and a conference room in a very compact configuration to preserve as much site area as possible. Together with expanding the cafeteria and improving accessibility for the disabled, the school can now provide the space and amenities needed to serve its population.

Improvements were also made to on-site drainage by expanding the storm-water management system and providing impervious paving in the parking lot.


Falls Church, VA, USA

Fairfax County Public Schools

69,900 sqft.

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