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Lyles-Crouch Academy

Additions and Renovations

Constructed in 1959, the late modernist styling of the Lyles-Crouch Elementary School is a unique structure in the context of South Old Town, Alexandria.

To accommodate the new media center and classroom addition, Maginniss + del Ninno Architects chose a tailored building form with geometry and detailing derived from the existing school. Together with the scale and massing, the addition creates a transition to the adjacent playground and the adjacent historic residences, while preserving valuable open playground space. The 8,000 square foot addition comprises a new entrance and plaza to better handle bus loading and provides a more generous exterior space between the building and the street.

Within the existing school, the old entrance lobby was incorporated in a remodeled and expanded administration area. Spaces that were originally assigned to the media center were converted to special student services and classrooms. A new stair, elevator, and entrance improved internal circulation and accessibility.

As part of the planning effort, Maginniss + del Ninno Architects met with neighborhood associations and obtained the approval of the Board of Architectural Review. The construction documents were prepared to include provisions so the implementation would have minimal impact on school operations.


Alexandria, VA, USA

Alexandria City Public Schools

8,000 sqft.

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