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Waynewood Elementary School

Modernization and Additions

The existing school had served the Waynewood community and their children for almost 60 years. The original two-story classroom building was constructed in 1957 with subsequent renovations and major additions.

With new curriculum requirements, many of the existing internal spaces were significantly undersized and did not meet the minimum program standards or desired adjacencies of the Fairfax County Public Schools educational specifications for elementary schools.

To address capacity issues and programmatic inadequacies, Maginniss + del Ninno Architects developed a phased plan to include a complete school renovation, modernization, and building additions. The existing 65,000 sq ft. space was reconfigured and 31,000 sq ft. was added to provide a new music wing, a new secure entry, and a two-story addition that will accommodate 750 students in bright modern learning spaces.


Fort Hunt, VA, USA

Fairfax County Public Schools

96,000 sqft.

2022 James M. Scott Exceptional Design Merit Award

CHPS Certified

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